Thursday, July 30, 2009

1st post

Although, I am in my second semester at Lesley/AIB, this is my first experience with a blog. It has been about a month since our last residency and I'm still gathering my thoughts on how best to proceed with my work this semester. After all the suggestions from faculty, fellow students, friends, family and my current mentor Marvin Heiferman, I have come up with a list of ideas that I will work from. I may choose some or all of these suggestions. This is my time to experiment and play with a variety of perspectives and methods to tell my family story. 

• let Jo and Annie use the camera to get their point of view
• only use the camera on my iphone to document our day to day stuff
• put our family story in context - photograph other middle aged lesbian couples w/ or w/o children
• photograph only the objects of our lives
• photograph our dogs
• explore Annie's world of pre-adolescence
• photograph Annie and her friend Jaden
(both from same orphanage in China, best friends but very different - girly girl vs. athlete
• focus on each of us as individuals and make a book of each
• try all of the above and make a book of each

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